Safety & Camp Policies

Camper Safety
At Power5 Camp, the safety of our campers is paramount. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that your child is comfortable, accounted for, and safe at all times. Our thorough sign in/out process allows us to monitor when your child comes and goes, and with whom.

Anti-Bullying Policy

  • Power5 Camp takes the welfare, experience and safety of each camper very seriously. Our summer staff team are instructed in how to prevent bullying in the summer time during their week long staff training in June. Naturally, we have set in place some policy and procedure to prevent this:
    the group leader (sensei) should always be with their campers which lessens the potentially of bullying. The exception to this is their lunch break off in the day and at this time bunch of staff are monitoring groups of campers during organized activities.
  • Senseis (group leaders) are trained in martial arts to build unity and to break down cliques and groups of kids who are exclusive to others.
  • The entire summer camp staff team is dedicated to fostering a community of care and respect for the entire week. Our staff commit themselves for the summer to this way of life and model it for the campers. At the beginning of every week we share with the campers our guidelines. They are: Have fun, wash your hands, wear a hat, sunscreen and drink water, stick with your counselor and respect one another, Power5 Camp property, the property of others and themselves. This last guideline helps us communicate to campers the environment of care we foster to create a safe environment.

High Heat/Humidity Policy

For the health of campers, Power5 Camp does not operate at full capacity when temperatures reach above 35 degrees. We keep activities on a lower key and ensure that all campers are keeping hydrated.

Emergency/Lockdown Policy

All OAMA staff are first aid and CPR trained. Our staff are all trained regarding fire and emergency procedures, ensuring the safety of all campers in case of an emergency. All schools have full lockdown procedures and entrance to the school is prohibited to all unknown individuals at these times. Parents will be advised via email that the school has been placed on lockdown and children will be cared for until parents are able to pick up their children.